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Hard Breastfeeding

Rhys, age two-and-a-half weeks, is being breastfed. He has managed to learn pretty well how to latch on and suckle, and by a count of diapers and weight gain and suchlike he's doing just fine.

But it's being a lot of work. beetiger often needs to spend a whole hour feeding him. (I help out with hand-holding -- Rhys' hands that bat beetiger's breast out of the way by mistake, not beetiger's -- and fetching and carrying and hydrating, but I'm no good at lactation.) This is a pretty heavy load, eight or nine times a day.

Sometimes Rhys falls asleep a dozen times in a feeding.

Sometimes he has a lot of trouble getting a latch he likes: he'll try, suck once or twice, drop it, over and over and over again.

Sometimes he'll do both of those.

Is this unusual? What can we do? Does it get better?

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