The one called Red (stratedwn2you) wrote in newparentwisdom,
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Post pregnancy flubber

I may not want to hear the answer to this question, but it's been brought up a few times on my friends list, and I'm having the same problem. Here it is:

How do you get rid of or tighten that flabby jiggly skin on the belly after you have a baby?!?! It's been 7wks for me and I still have a pooch that's flabby (and of course hangs over my jeans when I sit because they only make LOW LOW rise jeans now... grrrrr).

If you did get rid of it or tighten it, when did that happen?

What types of abdominal excercises is everyone doing? Seems my muscles are stretched out or something... it's not tight anymore unless I flex my tummy.

Thank you!
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