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tips for calming a crying baby

so it turns out my kids have been extremely happy babies because I'm actually knew a trick or two.

Didja what Dr. Phil today? He had a pediatrician on who gave 5 ways to calm a crying baby in seconds. I have always done all of those things. I guess I was lucky having a mom with ten kids because I learned from taking care of my siblings how to calm them down. Jasmine cried a little more than my other kids but although I had so many brothers and sisters, she was my first and I did have to make some adjustments. But since her, none of my kids have cried much at all. Just when they are desparately hungry and it's usually just a "wah" that sounds like they are fake crying. Like they know how to say "wah" instead of cry it.

So here are the five things:

1. swaddling - I posted this tip while I was pregnant with Lilyanne and some of my friends on lj were having some struggles with crying babies.

The trick to swaddling is to swaddle baby's arms down by their sides and to swaddle tightly. Some may think tight swaddling would be constrictive and uncomfortable - but babies love it. They are use to being wrapped up really tightly in the womb. When they are not swaddled - they feel like they are falling. That is why they will suddenly fling their arms out to the sides or stiffen up their bodies. They are use to soft, warm and tight.

If anyone needs to know how to swaddle - let me know and I will post it.

2. Turn baby onto side or onto tummy.

3. Shhhhhhhing. Loudly - as loud as they are crying. The pediatrician on Dr. Phil made a really good point. It isn't quiet in the womb. Baby hears the gurgling, the swishing heartbeat of mom, outside noises, the amniotic fluid swishing around - etc etc. They come out and we think they need quiet - but they don't. They need a rythmic, hypnotic sound (and motion) so "shhh shhhh shhhh" close to the ear and quite loudly will help. Or turning on a blow dryer or anything else that has a shhhhing sound.

When Lilyanne was a baby (well, a younger baby) she would never sleep if she was put in her crib. She would wake up and cry, so I would get her up and put her in her car seat and bring her into the noisy livingroom where all the kids were running around yelling and she would fall straight to sleep.

Like Dr. Phil said - baby's are born into our world - we are not born into theirs. Meaning - they are use to all the regular noise in our lives and will be more comfortable if we carry on as we normally would than if we try to shush everyone and everything.

4. rythmn - rocking - the doc demonstrated small rocking motions and I'm sure that works. I have always swaddled tightly then stood with baby cradled and either rocked side to side or bent slightly up and down. (like bending at the knees and then straightening) - kinda mimicing how it may feel to baby while in the womb with mom walking around. You've probably noticed your baby kicks way more when you sit down to relax and especially when you lay down. That's because they are rocked to sleep while we mom's are active during the day.

You know what - for the life of me - I can't remember number 5!


5. Sucking. offer a finger, a pacifier or a booby. Babies have a very strong need to suck. It is more than just a relfex to get milk - it is a calming reflex.

Anyway - I thought Dr. Phil was good today and I just thought I'd share with ya'll that the things the pediatrician was suggesting actually work. They work awesome!

By the way - I get to see a female OB/GyN afterall. I'm really excited!

My first appointment with her is Jan. 19 at 3:30 pm.
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