Leslie (lesliepear) wrote in newparentwisdom,

Cosleeping Question

Alan (11 months) sleeps in the crib next to the queen size bed in the master bedroom. That bed has a bedrail on either side as well as the adjacent crib on oneside. At the foot of the bed currently, is a laundry basket of clean clothes to be put away off to one side.

DH sleeps in the other bedroom (long story) so at night it is usually Alan and I. When he wakes up at night, I tend to get him out of the crib, nurse him and keep him with me. Sometimes if he falls asleep I put him back.

Well, the last 2 nights, I've nursed him and dozed back off only to be awakened by a loud thump and wahh...he fell/rolled/crawled off the bottom of the bed! He wasn't hurt, but 2 nights in a row? And he managed NOT to land in the laundry basket :(

Any ideas? Should I just be consistant about putting him back in the crib for his safety even if he cries?
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